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Airbrush Face Painting by Time Honored Designs

Airbrush Full Face Painting

Airbrush face painting has a faster out put than hand painting faces.  Our airbrush face painting is perfect for team spirit and events expecting a large crowd in a limited time.

We use high quality water resistant airbrush face paint that is cosmetic grade for our airbrushed faces.  This allows you to go swimming, stand in the rain, go through water misters even do an ice bucket challenge without ruining your face paint. Our airbrush makeup is easily removed with liquid soap or make-up remover.

Because we can use stencils along with free form when airbrush face painting, we are able to create unique and ornate airbrush faces.  Shading and textures can be incorporated into face painting designs very quickly and we encourage you to be involved in the creative process by mixing and matching different ideas and designs.

Airbrush face painting can have a very similar look to hand painted faces, but the feel of getting it on your face is very different.  Younger children under 6 years of age, may not like the feel of the airbrush makeup going on their face, but usually will opt for an awesome design on their arm or leg instead.

SUPER FAST Airbrush Face Painting

We have custom systems and stencil sets designed for events such as school carnivals and fundraisers and any event that needs to accommodate more than 80 faces an hour on a limited budget.  With one of our carnival set ups, we can accommodate 2 guests a minute with just one artist and an assistant. 

How does our SUPER FAST Airbrush Face painting save you money?

To accommodate an event such as a school carnival where you are expecting 300 kids in 2 hours, you would need at least five non airbrush face artists to come close to accommodating all your guests. With just one of our stations, you can realistically expect 130 kids to get the face painting per hour without sacrificing quality.  That breaks down to less than $1.40 per face your cost.  If you charge your patrons the same as you are charging for a hot dog or ice cream, many times you can break even if not make a profit to put towards your next years entertainment budget. PTO's love using us because they know the results they get from us. Our super fast Airbrush face painting is also popular at big events open to the public such as shopping center events, fund raisers and expos.

Kids of all ages love our SUPER FAST airbrush face painting because we offer all their favorite designs and they can also have it applied as an airbrush tattoo if they don't want something on their face.

Sports Game Face Painting

Time Honored Design offers the best Sports Game Airbrush Face Painting aroundWhat sets us apart from our competitors is the time and care we take in creating custom stencils sets to fit your teams colors, logos, images and style.  Your fans are able to also create their own signature fan face with our flexible design elements and they don't have to worry about our face paint running in the rain for out door events. Time Honored Designs is a favorite for fans at all Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns home games and events. We are EXPERTS at helping fans show their team spirit.

Why should you extend your budget to include our face painting?

Adding our Airbrush face painting to your games, creates a strong home team atmosphere, is a great way to show your fans your support and enthuse your season ticket holders. Professional face painting is an excellent way to get your fans involved, create a buzz for your team and intimidate your apposing team. We only paint designs for your home team and never the visiting team because we only offer your team colors and graphics.

 We  will also go the extra for your team by announcing and promoting all your events  through our social media.

 Our striking airbrushed faces are also a favorite for media such as: commercials, team signage, sports magazines, newspapers and social media. Our airbrushed team face painting has been seen on Channel 12, 6, 8, ESPN, CNN and many other television stations.  It has been used in many sports articles including: The Oregonian, Seattle Post, Soccer Nation and  Willamette Week.  One of our team face paintings was also used on a hi- way billboard for the Vancouver Volcanoes.

We make sure our face painting line moves quickly for your pregame activities, because we are so fast, we can accommodate a line faster than any other face painting company in the area. When you open the gates, the line can get filled very quickly and fans don't want miss the game so we have become experts at very fast and impressive face painting.