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Face Painting Portland ,Salem, Oregon and Vancouver, Wa

  We put the ART in pARTy!


Zombies are some of our favorite make-ups to apply....
Why do we love creating the grotesque living dead

It is quite simple, while body painting is usually more about a person's ego and not necessarily the art or character, Zombies are all about getting into character and having fun with transforming into something completely out of the daily norm. Once you have been a zombie, you will realize how much fun it is to be one for a day.
Body art is the most intensive of the options we offer.  To do body painting well, it is a timely process and requires a lot of product, planning and labor, therefore it is the most pricey of what we do. You will have amazing images for photos that will last a life time and can get you a lot of attention. Our studio rates are $150/hr plus additional concept charge time and any materials needed that we don't usually stock. If your project requires an assistant there is an additional $65/hr charge. If your body painting requires airbrushing, you must provide a location with great ventilation and overhead florescent light. We no longer are accepting any trade for prints or the like for body art.